Facility Rental

Family Life Center Policy & Procedures

1. The facility is dedicated and designed for worship and service of the congregation of the Versailles Baptist Church, Inc.  These opportunities are given first priority.  Extra events should not be scheduled so as to conflict or interfere with regularly scheduled meetings and activities of the congregation and its auxiliaries.

2. The furniture, pictures, banners, etc. may not be moved without permission of  the Board of Trustees.  If there is a special request, notify one of the trustees prior to the day of the event.

3. The sound system may be operated only by someone so authorized by the church.

4. It is the responsibility of the person booking the facility to contact the janitor or trustees and arrange for times to get in, and for times to set up if desired.

5. All scheduling will be done through the church office using the master calendar and with the permission of the Board of Trustees.

6. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted on any of the church property.

7. No smoking will be permitted in or in any of the church’s property.

8. The church is not responsible for any personal injury or bodily harm during any usage.

9. The church is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen personal items at any time.

10. Youth and children are welcome to use the building, but an adult must be present to supervise.  Parents are to be responsible for their children and their behavior at all times.

11. If possible please refrain from using red, orange, grape drinks.  If there are any spills please notify the custodian as soon as possible.

12. Kitchen and appliances shall be cleaned of all food and stains after use by the group who has scheduled the activity in the facility.

13. All appliances shall be turned off after each use.

14. All trash shall be emptied into sealed plastic bags and placed into a trash container. The custodian will take the trash out.

15. The floor of the fellowship hall shall be cleaned up after each use.

16. There shall be a limited number of assigned keys for the Family Life Center as becomes necessary.  These keys will be signed for at the church office.

17. Rental deposits and fees for the Family Life Center:

                                MEMBER/REGULAR ATTENDEE NON MEMBER:             Fee of $25.00 to cover custodian fee.

NON-MEMBERCleaning FeeRental FeeTotal
Hall and Kitchen$50.00$125.00$175.00
NON-PROFITSCleaning FeeRental FeeTotal
Hall and Kitchen$50.00$125.00$175.00
ORGANIZATIONSCleaning FeeRental FeeTotal
Hall and Kitchen$50.00$150.00$200.00


A rental is for 2 hours or less: Hall – $25.00 // Hall and Kitchen – $50.00

18. The church reserves the right to amend this policy at their discretion.

19. Each for profit organization shall be considered by the trustees and based upon the benefit or non benefit to the church will be accepted or refused.

20. All fees and deposits shall be turned into the church office at the time of the confirmed date. Checks shall be made out to the Versailles Baptist Church, Inc. A release form shall be filled out and signed by the lease at that time.



1. Respect God with yoru language, clothing, actions, music and videos.

2. At ALL times, good sportsman-like conduct should be evident.

3. Play safe and have fun!

4. Play fair and respect each other.

5. Follow the riles of the game being played.

6. Wear appropriate shoes and garments for the game being played.

7. Put all equipment away after use.

8. As much as possible, avoid hitting ceiling, walls and fixtures with equipment.

9. As much as possible, avoid slamming into or kicking the walls.

10. Use NERF type ball when playing dodge ball.

11. Do not climb or hang on any of the athletic equipment (e.g. rims, nets, poles, backboards)

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